Real Life Insanity Results

Before starting a workout program, most people want to see real life results including before and after photos of users of the program. So, below we will share some real life Insanity results from users who are proud about what they have accomplished in just the days.

Here are 3 before and after photos from Chris B, Alysia M and Chris E:

insanity results

You can see that they each have had fantastic results. You can see these images and more reviews on Amazon:

Ceci P lost 117 pounds on Insanity:

ceci p

Diana D lost 94 pounds:

diana d

Ashley B lost 62 pounds:

ashley b

Ashton M lost 87 pounds:

ashton m

Erica L lost 22 pounds:

erica l

You don’t have to look very far to find hundreds more positive results like these. Insanity works. Period. You just need to focus, follow it through and keep pushing play on the DVD player each day. Yes, it may be hard at first but check keep looking at some of the results and it will give you the motivation to succeed.

Insanity workout requires a total body workout. You will not need a gym or any equipment in doing the exercises and you can do them at home. Your body will be the one to supply the weight and resistance. This is based on a method called “max interval training”, where you are required to work hard for 3-minute intervals and rest for 30 seconds in between.

On the first month of the program, there are five body workouts that you have to do including the following:

1. Fit test
2. Cardio power and resistance
3. Pure cardio
4. Cardio recovery
5. Plyometric cardio circuit

After the first month, you’ll have to recover for a week doing less intense workouts. This phase will prepare your body for the more extreme part of the program. On the second month, there are four workouts. They are the following:

1. Max interval circuit
2. Max cardio conditioning
3. Max interval plyo
4. Max recovery

Is Insanity Workout Recommended For Everyone?

No. Because the workouts in this program are highly intense, it is not recommended for beginners as they are likely to have injuries while doing the exercises. Before starting with this workout program, you must make sure that you have a healthy heart and strong joints. You should also be able to the basic exercises like pushups and crunches. The Insanity Workout is also not for people who are too busy and cannot dedicate time in doing the workouts.

What Results Does Insanity Workout Promise?

Changes in your body can be noticed as early as the end of the first week, and more improvements will come at the end of the program. The Insanity Workout promises that you will achieve the following:

1. Decreased percentage of body fat

This workout program guarantees that you’ll sweat as you never sweat before. You will also increase your heart rate. You will spend more energy on the workouts and it will help you burn the unwanted fats to as much as 7% or more.

2. Defined muscles

The program helps in shaping up your muscles with the recommended diet. You will be required to eat 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fats.

What Are The Advantages Of This Workout Program?

Listed below are some of benefits you can expect from the Insanity workout program:

1. You can work at your own home

With this program, you don’t need to follow a strict schedule of going to the gym. It allows you to do the workouts anywhere you want. You can perform the different steps despite your busy schedule and you’ll have the chance to maintain your body’s shape.

2. Attain quicker results

At the end of the program’s first week, you can already notice the improvements in your body. This will continue as you go along with your workouts. Results can also come even after finishing the entire Insanity workouts.

The Insanity Workout program helps people to achieve a slimmer body in a few days. It becomes more effective if you rigorously follow the diet plan that comes along with it. You should also do the exercises regularly to achieve the results in 60 days.

Go for it!