Real Customer Reviews and Feedback

If you are searching for an Insanity workout review then you’re in luck, Amazon has lots of them. We have taken these reviews from Amazon because they verify that the reviews come from people who have actually purchased the training course. These are the best reviews you can possibly find because they are honest and not always positive. So they give you a good idea of whether a product is really for you.

You’ll see that it comes from a 40 year who admittedly says they are overweight. They are loving the training but feeling it too. This is normal and you should feel like you have worked out, otherwise you probably aren’t working out hard enough.

It’s from another 40 year who has also tried the P90X program. They state that it’s nothing like P90X, in that all exercises are pretty much cardio based and filled with Plyo, core and isometric exercises. You also only use your own bodyweight, which is great if you don’t want to buy any other pieces of exercise equipment.

The final review above is another review that many people found helpful. They state that it’s a great workout that will really push you to your limits. They like the fact that it is a full body workout and nothing gets left out. The exercises are very fast and repeated frequently which is why it is insane.

So these are just some of the reviews we found from actual owners and users of Insanity. Check out lots more on Amazon.