Best P90X Reviews

Plenty of P90X reviews are available, but the best ones answer common questions you may have if you’re considering this fitness program. The “90” in P90X indicates this intense workout system is designed to give you a fit, toned body in only 90 days. To achieve these results, following the daily regimen and exercise routines is essential.

What is P90X?

P90X is a set of exercise DVDs combined with a 100-page fitness guide, a progress-tracking calendar and a detailed meal plan. Each workout lasts for 60 to 90 minutes, and you’ll be required to do one per day for at least six days per week. P90X exercise routines are rigorous and designed for those already in decent physical shape. Many P90X reviews point out the recommended fitness test included at the start of the program. In addition to this starter package, you’ll also need to purchase your own workout equipment, including:

– Dumbbells

– A pull-up bar

– A yoga mat

– Resistance bands

The complete P90X system currently retails for a great price.

How Do I Get Started?

Before ordering your P90X system, you’ll need to take the free online P90X fitness test to determine if you’ll be able to keep up with the workouts. Testimonials from many customers report that the exercises are challenging but worth the results. Every workout is presented as a circuit designed to keep your heart rate elevated. Each P90X DVD covers exercises designed to tone different parts of the body.

What Are P90X Exercises?

The DVDs have a variety of exercise routines that draw from different fitness regimes, including:

– Kickboxing

– Yoga

– Plyometrics

– Cardio routines

– Core strengthening

P90X workouts are based on a concept called “muscle confusion,” meaning that different routines each day will maximize the body’s ability to burn calories.

How Much Time Does P90X Take?

P90X takes a definite time commitment of at least one hour per day, which might be challenging if you’re not used to rigorous exercise on a daily basis. Logging your daily progress is also a requirement, and adding extra days of rest can extend the time you’ll need to complete the program. Working in the time for daily P90X workouts usually involves exercising in the early mornings or in the evenings, depending on when you feel the most energetic.

A number of published P90X reviews report that the program is fairly easy to complete if you have the dedication and existing physical endurance. If you already have a good level of fitness, P90X can be an excellent workout option for building lean muscle and shedding extra fat. Some nutrition experts have pointed out that the P90X nutrition plan is a low-carbohydrate one that doesn’t follow recommended food guidelines, such as those illustrated on the Department of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid. If your primary goals include improving an already good fitness level and sculpting lean muscle, the P90X program is definitely a viable option for you.