P90X Equipment Required

Maybe Spring time is quickly approaching, and this is often the time many people try to get in shape. The challenges of eating right and exercising regularly, prevent most people from having the body desired. One of the greatest motivators when it comes to weight loss, is to lose a few pounds fast. By relying on P90x equipment and the DVD program this is certain to assist in reaching short and long term weight loss goals.

What You’ll Need:

– Dumbbells

– A pull-up bar

– A yoga mat

– Resistance bands

What is the P90x Program?

The p90x program is a home exercise routine that is widely known for the intensity required for completion. This routine incorporates weight training, yoga, and martial arts with a rigid diet plan to assist with the weight loss process. It is ideal to purchase free weights as part of your P90x equipment. The intensity in this program is certain to render fast and steady results for the participant.

A large component of the P90x program involves the use of dietary supplements. The recommendations for the exact supplements to use are clearly stated in the instructions and guidelines of the program.

The History of the P90x System

One of the largest developers of the P90x system is Tony Horton. The development of the program took two years and involved a great deal of work on Horton’s part. After consulting with numerous fitness experts, the system was developed and includes 12 various types of workouts. It is ideal for the participant of the program to purchase the P90x equipment shown in the videos.

The number 90 originated from the fact that during the testing of the program, there was a 90 day test period for all individuals which participated. This allowed the developers to see a variety of results and to understand what was working in the weight loss efforts.

The end results have been positive, and record sales are the result of the DVD. In November of 2010 over three million copies of the DVD had been sold. The estimated sales value was recorded at $420 million.

The Overview of the P90x

The first thing to do when participating in this exercise program is to be sure to obtain the necessary P90x equipment. This will allow the participant to have these readily on hand when a commitment is made. The program lasts for 13 weeks and includes exercising for six days a week.

The program consists of 12 different DVD’s that target different areas of the body. This will assist in reaching the desired look by the participant. All of the workouts are less than one hour in length, and the stomach exercises are advised to be done at least three times a week.

There are different categories for nutrition included in the program. This offers a variation in the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats consumed on a daily basis. There is a wide variety of foods to choose in the diet.

Finally, in order to be successful with this intense program it is important to have the recommended P90x equipment. By sticking to the nutritional guidelines and completing the recommended exercises, the weight loss desired is certain to be achieved.