P90X Yoga

P90X is a great home exercise regimen full of intensity, and part of that regimen is yoga. While yoga may not seem important when you’re trying to lose extreme weight, it actually provides many benefits to your daily life and is an important piece of the P90X workout routine. Check out these six benefits of yoga and why it’s not a good idea to skip it.

Improved Flexibility

Since yoga is all about about stretching, it is a great way to improve flexibility in just about every area of your body. With better flexibility, you have less pain throughout the day. In addition, improved flexibility makes exercise routines easier and less painful because your muscles can do more.

Better Posture

Many of the P90X yoga poses focus on distributing body weight and good posture. As a result, you learn to have better posture during yoga and in general. You stand and sit taller instead of stooping over. This has many benefits, including improving your appearance and reducing the pain associated with being hunched over.

Promotes Calmness

P90X has yoga poses that focus on breaking and balance. This helps promote a feeling of calmness. This calmness does not only last during the yoga session. It continues into your daily life, allowing you to shrug off anxiety and nervousness more easily.

Reduces Stress

The poses in P90X yoga are a great way to reduce stress. While you focus on the poses, balance and breathing, you allow the stress of your everyday life to melt away. Less stress has many great benefits, such as less tension and lower blood pressure.

Promotes Better Sleep

Due to the calming and stress relief benefits of yoga combined with the actual physical movements, you getter a better night sleep. People who do yoga on a regular basis sleep better without waking up several times throughout the night.

Lose Stubborn Weight

Exercise is great for losing weight, but there are some stubborn areas that just won’t go away. Yoga actually helps to reduce some of those stubborn fat areas, such as your stomach fat and love handles. The various movements in yoga tone your abdominal fat and help aide with digestion.

The Consequences of Skipping P90X Yoga

If you skip your P90X yoga workout, it’s like skipping any other day the rest of that week. You need the benefits of the yoga to keep up with your workout, and if you take the day off, you’re going to regret it the next day. If you do decide you just don’t want to do yoga one day, you still need to do something, such as 45 minutes of pushups, pull ups, chair dips and squats in addition to a 15-minute workout and an hour of stretching.


Yoga is an integral part to the P90X workout routine. It keeps your body and your mind healthy, while allowing you to continue with your intense workout. Instead of skipping your yoga days, remember the benefits of yoga to keep you motivated.