Clickfunnels Referral Program

The Clickfunnels™ referral program allows you to earn a commission for everyone you send to their site who signs up for one of the plans.

There are several great things about the program that make it stand out.

Main Clickfunnels™ Referral Program Benefits

Clickfunnels™ affiliate commission is 40%

So if you refer someone who signs up to the $97/month plan, you make $38.80 RECURRING for every month that person remains a member.

Two Tier Affiliate Program

You can recruit people under you as affiliates and when they make sales, you get 5% of those sales. This is how many of the top super affiliates are making 5 figures a month with the program.

Multiple Backend Products

You don’t just get paid for the products you promote. If someone you refer buys ANYTHING else from the Clickfunnels™ product range, then YOU get the commissions for those too.


Free Training Program

They have a free 100 day affiliate training program that shows how you can potentially retire in the next 100 days, just by referring people to Clickfunnels™!

Clickfunnels™ Dream Car

If you refer 100 people to them, they will pay for you to have your dream car. So you choose the car you want and CF will pay your monthly payments for it! You can even win multiple cars, the more people you refer.

You Don’t Have To Be A Paid Member To Promote Them

What a lot of people don’t realise is that you don’t even need to be a paying member of CF to be an affiliate for them. You can sign up for the free bootcamp training here and it shows you how to sign up for free and still take advantage of the affiliate program.

Simple Ways To Promote The Products

There are many ways you can promote the various products, here are just a few of them.

Create Free Funnel Training

You could create a simple training course that shows you using the Clickfunnels™ platform. Give it away for free to provide value and also include your affiliate links for people to sign up.

Create A Paid Course

You could create a paid training course that shows how you use CF to make affiliate commissions and sell it. Show people exactly what you do and how you use CF to build your pages. People who buy will be very likely to also sign up to CF and you will get the monthly commissions, along with the money you get for them buying your course.

Create Funnels For Businesses

Many top affiliates create funnels for local businesses. They then give (or sell) them to the businesses with the only stipulation that they need to sign up the CF through your affiliate link. You can even create their account for them, so everything is done correctly.

Promote The Free Books

There are 2 books that CF gives away for the price of shipping, Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets. You can promote these books and you receive a small commission on them. But when they sign up to anything else within CF then you get the commissions. The books are a great way to get people into Russell’s CF world so he can re-target them with ads on your behalf.

We hope you can now see all the benefits of the Clickfunnels™ referral program and why it’s a great company to promote!

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